Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bringing a Competing World Cup to the U.S. Every 4 Years

If a new American Rules Soccer League was formed, what single event could guarantee an excess of publicity to thrust the league further to the forefront of the minds of sports consumers?  What single event could accompany the league and strengthen it every 4 years with the biggest bang for the buck?-A competing World Cup staged in the U.S.

A new American Rules Soccer League, if started with the right amount of marketing and given ample time to make its presence known, will have already garnered respect with American sports fans.  Thus, the competing American Rules World Cup acts as a support framework for the league. 

Many knowledgeable Soccer fans will wonder how can a new league get players to play if they are banned from FIFA sanctioned events or leagues (It is well-known in Soccer circles that FIFA won't allow a player to play in its leagues or events if he partakes in non-sanctioned FIFA leagues or events.  Sort of a monopolistic ploy, it seems.)  This is a fair question.  The answer is pretty much the same as any other answer for how to get things done.  It is a question of money.

Obviously, a new League and competing World Cup will take huge investments, but maybe not as much as one would think.  One of America's best surpluses right now is Soccer players.  There are an excess of players willing to jump at pay for play and will sacrifice any FIFA career to do so.

Most will play for meager salaries to play the sport of their dreams.  This doesn't mean that they shouldn't be respected.  Salaries will always be paid according to supply and demand. 

The same thought process applies to foreign players who will qualify for their country's teams.  The first competing World Cup can get started with 8 countries represented and can build to a bigger amount of countries with the passing of every 4 years.

Financial incentives can be used to rally an excellent crop of countries to get started.  These incentives can be offset by sponsors and television contracts that will jump for the chance at being part of the first American Rules World Cup of Soccer.

The players may not be as skilled and refined as others playing for MLS, EPL, Bundesliga or La Liga, but this is not the point.

It can be debated by fans and pundits for which play is more exciting, standard FIFA or American Rules. 

American sports fans will figure things out and the quality sporting experience will win out.  Tv ratings in other countries may take a little longer to come around, but it would not be the first time that the U.S. is the first to be ahead of the curve.

This competing World Cup should not be afraid to go up against the FIFA World Cup.  It should be played in the same year, maybe even around the same time of the year.

The advantage will always be that it is being played in its own friendly surroundings, the U.S.A., not in other countries that don't deserve the honor of hosting a world event, like Qatar in 2022.

The United States of America always makes a good host.

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