Friday, April 8, 2011

Video of Don Garber Interview Missing From the Internet

Picture from video with ESPN Mar. 15
Is it possible Don Garber's interview with Dana Jacobson of ESPN's First Take was so bad that ESPN removed it from its inventory of videos?  A search for the interview does not pan out.  It is completely missing.

The transcript is also nowhere to be seen.  Why would ESPN do this?  What is their agenda? and Why are they covering for him?

Author Note:  I wrote an article titled "Garber Says Soccer is a Niche Sport" a few weeks back and I linked the interview onto the article.  I went back to check for it, it wasn't linking and that led me to searching for it for 2 hours on the net.  To the audience reading this article, Yes, the interview really did take place and every word I printed was accurate.  The picture with the article is from the video.  Others have written about the interview.

I also searched episodes on the First Take part of ESPN's website to no avail, as the show mentions Garber for its March 15th show but none of the episodes load properly to be able to view them.

On a Google search using 'Don Garber and ESPN and March 15, 2011', results below will indicate other sites mentioning the interview and if you click, it will go to some other video, not the Garber video.  I also searched Bing and Yahoo.  

The video is out there somewhere.  It has to turn up at some point.  But the bigger issue is why the cover-up by ESPN?  I have a hypothesis.  End of Author's Note.

The video was made to disappear because the higher-ups at ESPN could see how disturbing the interview could be in attracting new fans to watch MLS.  By taking it away from everyone's access, for the time being, they are able to resolve any further public relations damages.  Maybe later on, they release it again, but for right now, the gall of Mr. Commissioner Garber was noticed and it was not taken lightly.

Garber basically insulted every sports fan in this great country by dismissing them and letting them know they are not welcome.  ESPN execs took charge of the situation and made the call to take down the interview video.  The disrespect he showed, whether intentional or not, was a blow for what is trying to be accomplished and ESPN realized it.  ESPN is counting on improved tv ratings to boost their bottom line with or without Garber's assistance.

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