Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2022 FIFA World Cup Should Be Reallocated to the U.S.

AP Photo/Eric Draper
In light of the recent news about Qatar acquiring the hosting responsibility for the 2022 World Cup through bribery, it is best for FIFA to award Soccer's biggest event to the U.S., who took the second most votes.

This whole thing stunk from the beginning.  It didn't make sense Qatar could win FIFA's bidding process on merit alone.  What reasonable person would think it is the best option for hosting sport's biggest event.  What has Qatar, an absolute monarchy, done to have earned this kind of respect?

It was a sham from the moment Qatar was shown to have won the bid.  It was a huge insult hurled at the rest of the world just so a few men could be more greedy and sinister.  The bidding process obviously overlooked the most important aspect of Soccer's grandest stage, which country is suited to represent the best interests of Soccer.

It probably doesn't make sense to have the process start all over.  FIFA needs to do the right thing as soon as possible.  FIFA's image is already tarnished and untrusted.  Really, it would be best if a new federation could come together to compete with FIFA (read Bringing A Competing World Cup to the U.S. Every 4 Years or In Historic Campaign, Wahl Exposes FIFA Collusion for different perspectives).

Sepp Blatter and cronies, just hand over the reins to the United States now because you know you will have to sooner or later.  Admit the mistakes and let the U.S. smooth things over and make the masses content.

The U.S. got the 2003 Women's World Cup after the SARS breakout in China and handled things with no problems.  Blatter and cronies, you got lucky, the U.S. got second place, this is your 'out.'  Now do the sensible thing.

There's eleven more years to go.  The closer it gets to 2022, the worst things will become.  Don't think the latest news will be Qatar's only glitch, its only bump in the road.  Surely, a country willing to do anything to bring attention to its aesthetics, while basically quelling most human rights and freedoms for women, gays and others, will pose many bigger problems ahead.

Its just like anything else in life.  If you fall for what's on the outside and don't consider the inside, you tend to get fooled most of the time.

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