Monday, May 28, 2012

MLS Schedule Abandons Memorial Day

No tributes to fallen Veterans.  No new alliances forged.  No U.S. flags waving from fans at MLS stadiums.  No games scheduled for play on Memorial Day.

As MLS continues its battles for American mainstream status, it must always look to stay relative in the sports fan's consciousness.  Scheduling games on Memorial Day is a no-brainer.  It is a day of reflection, a day of remembrance and a day off from work.  It is the perfect day to create new memories.

American holidays have become a partnership with sports.  Whether its the NFL at Thanksgiving, the NBA on Christmas day or the NHL's newest version for New Year's Day, holidays can be counted on for sports entertainment value.

Americans have used sports as a catharsis during holidays.  Sports have become a framework to what holidays represent in the U.S.  There seems to be always some degree of watching movies, eating, resting, activity and sports.  

Memorial Day is when traditions are rooted, grown, maintained and eventually become part of the celebration of history.  The Indianapolis 500 is one example of a sports-event tied to the holiday.

Baseball has always taken advantage of Memorial Day by keeping a full schedule of games and their attendance numbers for this day have always proven out to be solid.

The major significance of Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day should never be overlooked by MLS.  Sport galvanizes the nation on these days.  These holidays provide an opportunity to combine history, celebration, remembrance and sports.

It is not a wise decision from MLS executives to not schedule matches on Memorial Day.  Hopefully, this is the last season fans will have to endure this poor decision.

Wouldn't a nationally-televised doubleheader or even triple-header be an awesome event to keep MLS in the sports news?  Surely, one of the games would make its mark and be an unforgettable experience for sports fans.

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