Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Soccer Scarf: A Transplanted Accessory that Doesn't Make Sense

When Soccer scarves pop up among Soccer fans in MLS stadiums, they seem pretentious and out of place.  It seems like American Soccer fans are trying too hard to be something they're not.

Soccer in the U.S. is played mainly in the spring and summer months.  It is not played in winter months when scarves would be most necessary to keep warm.

Its hard to say who sets the worse example, the fans or the commissioner.

Don Garber tries hard to bring his scarf to interviewing situations whenever possible, as do so many other executives involved with pro Soccer.  Often, a press conference for any new team or new product for a team becomes one more chance to show off the team's scarf.

Scarves are a borrowed, unoriginal, marketing opportunity to get U.S. Soccer fans brainwashed to how things have to be in the world's order of Soccer.

Why couldn't MLS or U.S. Soccer clubs/people come up with something else to showcase that would be more authentic to Americans?

How about socks, since the Summer months get hot and most people are wearing shorts, why don't fans get a pair of their team's socks to strut around in so others take notice of who their team is.

Fans have pride for their teams and want to show their support, but people who bring scarves to games are like mice/sheep.  There is no common sense in wearing a scarf or bringing one if the temperature does not fit the occasion.

So many people try to act like they're European so they can think they belong.  The scarf represents a sense of belonging.

American Soccer fans who wear scarves are wanting to be accepted among Soccer's elite.  The elite they're trying to impress primarily are Soccer fans either in the U.S. or in Europe who may think MLS is not a top-notch league compared to the more well-known kings of the hill leagues of England, Spain, Germany and Italy.

Soccer scarves are not a noteworthy piece of fashion for the most part in Brazil, Argentina or any of the other Latin American countries.  These countries and their club leagues are reputable, sound and world-renowned.  Fans of these teams are not running out to the local sporting goods store for Soccer scarves because the weather isn't cold enough to need them.  They are not chasing a trend.

American Soccer fans would be better off to start new traditions than to always be one step behind whatever everybody else is doing.  Wearing scarves any time but the winter is uncomfortable.  Also, it is unbecoming of a U.S. sports fan. 

Soccer scarves send the wrong message to U.S. sports fans who may want to give Soccer more of its spectator time.  It is one more item that feels foreign and unfamiliar.


  1. Baseball style caps?

  2. I like this idea a lot, but maybe with a twist. Because there is so much emphasis on protection from the sun to prevent skin cancer, maybe some flap on the back to protect the neck too would work, similar to a Sherlock Holmes cap, but more extended with room to put a logo on both front and back.