Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How Do U.S. Sports Fans Learn the Value of the Gold Cup?

On a daily basis, it seems like there's something new to learn about the world order of Soccer.  Even ardent fans to the sport can agree, the depth and intricacy of it all takes time to learn and digest.  There may be a handy Dummy's or Idiot's guide to professional and world soccer available, but what if a sports fan doesn't have the time to read all the details, who can explain it all to them?

Explain what?  Explain what the Gold Cup represents and how it works and what the winner gets.  The winner gets an automatic bid to the Confederations Cup in 2013.  Then, they might ask what is the Confed Cup.  This also needs explanation as to what it represents and how it works.

After you reach a level of understanding, don't forget to tell them, next Gold Cup winner doesn't get any automatic bid because it is played in the same year as the Confed Cup, which is played once every four years, while the Gold is played every two years.  This is tough to understand for a novice or even an expert. 

Also, remember to tell them, the Confederations Cup is a tune-up of the greatest caliber for the World Cup.  Countries from around the world qualify by winning their respective FIFA regional championship.  It is the last chance for any country to stake claim as the best team prior to the World Cup taking place.

So, why is it important the U.S. win the match tonight against Guadeloupe?  So, they can continue on their journey in hopes of winning the Gold Cup and making history as the greatest team in the CONCACAF region for the next two years (until the next Gold Cup).

Where does Joe Sixpack U.S. sports fan get his/her information on the value of the Gold Cup?  Who is there to explain it all?  Can ESPN help some?  Why not MLS?

Would it be better if MLS did some Soccer 101 classes on its website to explain CONCACAF Champion's League, the U.S. Open Cup, the MLS Cup, the Gold Cup, etc...?

There is an investment in time required for U.S. sports fans to get used to all the nuances in the world order of Soccer.  All these great tournaments are there to be enjoyed.  It seems like the U.S. sports fan sometimes gets left out or is not sought after to be engaged in events outside the World Cup.

There are a heck of a lot of other things to watch besides Soccer, the sports fan can not be forgotten just because they haven't caught on to all the Beautiful Games.

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