Saturday, June 18, 2011

Interview with a U.S. Pro Soccer Player

Felix Garcia with ball.
This interview was conducted with Felix Garcia, a forward with the Laredo Heat of the Premier Development League (PDL) of United Soccer Leagues (USL).  Felix is 20 years old and is a former player with the U-20 National team and signed with the Houston Dynamo.  He is on loan this year with Laredo.

Garcia is from Laredo, Texas.  He has been playing Soccer since he was five years old.  His interview was conducted prior to the Laredo Heat beating the West Texas United Sockers 4-1.  Garcia had one goal and two assists in the match.

Laredo sits atop its division with a 7-2 record.  Felix Garcia is one of their top goal-scorers. 

In your opinion, with your life experience with Soccer, do you think there are any rules on the field in Soccer that could be changed to attract more fans to watch the sport?  Basically, if they would let you come out like a sub and then come in again, this would be good cause maybe one player is getting tired, he could come out and get a little bit of rest and then come in again.  

What made you think of that, how long have you thought that?  Yea, I thought of it since I was in high school because in high school, we could come out and come in again whenever we were ready.

You're saying that it doesn't make sense you can't come back in the game?  Many players, who don't get to play a lot and the families come to see them, there's not a lot of substitutions, so the families don't get to see them play.

How would substitutions effect the fans being able to see more action?  Yeah, they get in fresh and they will run a lot.  There would be a different team playing.  It would be good.

Do you think seeing goals scored is something fans should want to see when they come to a game?  Yeah, I played football wrap, soccer wrap.  If you cross the line, two players could attack you and you have a better chance to score.  What is Soccer Wrap?  It's like Indoor Soccer.

If you play a game and its 0-0 at the end of the game, do you feel the fans got a good game or maybe the game was good, but could have been better with some scoring?  I would say that if they would make it like college, so the game has to go to overtime and maybe penalties, this would be good, somebody has to win and somebody has to lose, there's no way you get a tie.  

What about the goal posts, would it be okay to put them one soccer ball higher?  There are bigger keepers, so I don't think that would be a problem.  On corner kicks, it would be easier to score because many of the kicks now are passing through very close.  Like a banana corner kick?  Yeah.  Me as a forward, it would give me more of a chance to score more goals.   

End of Interview.

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