Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is Dan Patrick the Torchbearer for Soccer Becoming Mainstream?

If you listen to sports talk radio, then you are probably familiar with the Dan Patrick Show.  He has become widely known in the world of U.S. sports fans.  He has developed his show over the years and clearly has major influence on the direction of how sports fans receive their sports news.

So many entrenched sports media types ignore what is happening with Soccer in the U.S.  Patrick, who is part of this entrenched sports media, has gone a different direction.  He is talking about Soccer often.  He and his team of Danettes (the guys who help him produce his show) have been focused most recently on Gold Cup news, but they've been addressing MLS throughout this season.  Landon Donovan has been a guest on his show often in recent months.  

Sports talk radio's impact can't be ignored because the national shows have so many sports fans at their beck and call everyday.  Sports talk radio influences all aspects of the sports world.

A few months back, I wrote an article suggesting Mike Greenberg would be the ideal host to give Soccer a boost with added press, but he and his co-host Mike Golic are not budging from lockout reports, draft updates or baseball trade news. 

It takes a national radio person to be bold and true to their gut in order to give Soccer its proper due.  So often in the past, Soccer has had a 'soft' reputation among national media.  It appears Patrick is staying the course and will keep illuminating the interesting aspects to Soccer as it relates to what is transpiring across the country.

At this point, Soccer coverage on Patrick's show gets maybe 4 or 5 % of the overall sports coverage, but this is still 4-5 % higher than almost any other national show.  As watching Soccer keeps trending higher with sports consumers, Patrick is embracing the pattern. 

Soccer needs more Dan Patricks to step up and tell the truth.  He is willing to share with his listeners and acknowledge that there is a revolution happening among fans of Soccer in the U.S.  Others are simply hiding from it and in denial.

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