Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Copa America Can´t Match Gold Cup´s Excitement

So far, Copa America has been a dud.  Only a little more than 1 goal per game has been the average.  It`s not just the lack of goals making for a dissappointing show so far, also, it is the lack of `innovative and skilled` play, which has been associated with South American Soccer for decades, that is making the viewing experience surprisingly stale.

Players for all teams seem to be stuck in neutral, while trying to rev up their individual Soccer engines.  It appears the weather has a lot to do with it.  Teams are playing like the temperature, cold and very cold. 

Both powerhouses, Brazil and Argentina, have been affected.  They're first games lacked firepower and all the teams that have played so far have lacked synchronicity.  There's crispness in the air, but not on the field.  Teams are lackluster and it is most evident when it comes to touch passes, which players seem to be mistiming over and over.

Contrast the Copa America with the Gold Cup and it´s a no-brainer that the Gold Cup had more punch, more vitality and more imagination.  The Gold Cup matches averaged more than 3 goals a game and provided far superior team coordination.  Teams were far more offensive-minded with many more scripted plays towards the goal.  Also, there weren´t any cold-weather issues, as each match was played in pleasant to warm conditions.

Analysts will say that parity has struck hard among the South American countries, as none of the countries competing can be considered weak as maybe they were considered in the past.  Teams are evenly matched and this may be the cause for play being less than daring.

Where some may argue parity is a good thing, it didn´t work out that way in the Gold Cup.  It was the opposite, Mexico vs. U.S.A. was the predicted outcome as well as overmatched opponents with lots of scoring was the predicted outcome.  And, the Gold Cup was awesome.

Copa America has plenty of time to turn things around and spoil Soccer fans, as teams like Brazil and Argentina have done so many times in the past, but vastly needed improvement will have to occur from what has transpired so far. Hope is on the horizon always as things can turn quickly and improved play can provide Soccer fans the allure and drama they come to expect from such a big event.


  1. Nitpicking - Its "Parity" not "Parody".

    The Gold Cup also benefited from having some pretty weak teams in it, once you get past Jamaica, Panama.

  2. Sadly, I have to agree with you. This has been a joke so far :/