Monday, July 11, 2011

Women's World Cup Keeps the Shining Light on Soccer

How hard it must be for baseball in America right now.  Ongoing sagas with the Dodgers and the Clemens trial and then a most unspeakable tragedy of the fan falling headfirst for a foul ball, it really can't get much worse for baseball.  There's sadness at every turn, including an all-star game that is not relevant at all. 

For Soccer over the weekend, there was a great corner kick by Beckham, but even it was upstaged by the U.S.A. women, who seemingly did the impossible. 

Isn't sports great?  A last-second desperation shot (a header), no it wasn't basketball, it was Soccer in all its glory.  Thank you Abby Wambach.

And, let's not forget the Japanese Women's World Cup squad, as they are being overlooked now only due to the U.S. heroics, but they could be staging one of history's greatest sports feats.  A Japan victory would mean everything for that country in wake of the earthquake tragedy a few months ago.  They need it perhaps more than any other and it would be a great source of pride.

If the U.S. plays Japan in the final, it may be hard to root for one over the other.

Soccer just won't go away.  It's becoming a nuisance for other spectator sports, especially baseball.  Just when you think it's over for a while, up pops another event.  Sports fans who don't follow the Soccer calendar are having to make adjustments, so not to miss out.  Some of them are probably trying to figure out what to do about MLS. 

MLS surely has had to be a great benefactor of the Gold Cup and now the Women's World Cup.  Sports fans are more likely looking for MLS games on TV or pausing to watch for more time when coming across them.

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