Sunday, August 21, 2011

NBC Sunday Night Football Promotes MLS During Broadcast

During the pre-season Chargers/Cowboys game, NBC debuted a catchy 20-second promo including flashes of Donovan, jubilant crowds, Beckham, Soccer action and more intense shots of crowds, then finishing with big drum beats with only words on the screen MLS COMING MARCH 2012.

This spot made you want to watch and want to be at the stadium.  If you're not a Soccer fan, you might be muttering to yourself some after watching it.  It was well done.

The best part of the whole thing was that as soon as it was done, Al Michaels was back on the air with live tackle football game action.

This was not just a commercial; it appeared looking like a partnership.  This is important because it shows that NBC doesn't mind putting Soccer right into the limelight.

Sunday Night Football is NBC's biggest ratings boost for its week every week.  MLS wins big on these promos because NBC's biggest ratings winner can only mean more sports fans will gravitate towards becoming Soccer fans.

The NFL is America's most popular sport year to year and NBC's SNF is the NFL's highest rated live football game week to week.  The benefits are enormous for MLS.

If this promo is a tease for more of what's to come, expect quite a bit of promotions for MLS this SNF season on NBC.  Interviews and guests will probably make their way into SNF programming and studios.

It looks like NBC wants a smooth transition of NFL action into MLS action.  And vice versa, as it will probably do much of the same during the MLS telecasts for the NFL 2012 season.

Arguably, these promos and NBC are the greatest thing to have happened so far in the life of MLS.

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