Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Will England Riots Put EPL At Risk?

London, Manchester, Tottenham, and Birmingham are synonymous as classic Soccer locations, but this week they are recognized as places of disturbance and uncertainty.

Riots in England have reached an alarming level.  They are a culmination of events and circumstances.  Groups of young people are rebelling because they are angry with the disequilibrium of lifestyles.  Unemployment and major cuts to education in the middle of a major economical recession have put lives in jeopardy and created discord in urban areas.

These riots are a message to all of England.  Everyone there is being affected.  England is on shaky ground.

England is very different than the U.S. when it comes to dealing with disenchantment and the disenfranchised.  The main difference is a question of space.

The U.S. is a massive country in comparison to England.  The same kind of problems may be happening in the U.S., but they will never seem as immediate and severe in the short term.  If too many people are feeling hopelessness, than those problems that come along with those feelings impact the infrastructure of society more quickly in a smaller-sized country than a bigger one.

The EPL is a symbol of society's engagement and disengagement in England.  For the people who are able to make ends meet more easily, the EPL provides entertainment and a means for forgetting about the daily grind and problems within society.  For those who may not be as fortunate, the EPL represents the powerful and the elite, the ones who are the cause of the problems.

Many players from EPL give back tremendously to communities and will be especially gracious in coming days and weeks with donations and public statements to bring about calm, but the message from these riots may be a lasting one for the league and difficult to overcome.

It's hard to imagine the EPL maintaining the same levels of payroll and carrying on the same reputation as the world's best.  The world's financial insecurity was going to have big effects on the league, but the rioting may produce additional worries that were not foreseen.  Players may not want to play there for safety reasons and maybe the cascade of worship for the league will drop so much that the entire league's worth drops as well. 

The world's richest league may not function well amongst panic and insecurity.  These riots may mark the beginning to the end of EPL being the 'Premier League.'  Soccer's world landscape may change completely.

Additionally, the focus over the next 9 months is the Summer Olympics of 2012.  There will be constant debate over whether England can be ready for all of the challenges involved in staging such a big event. 

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  1. 1 thing that we all no in America is that we are 2 damn broke 2 help the poor but we can afford 2 start wars & tear up another country or 2 & rebuild them & the way we let foreigners in 2 our country does not help!!!!!