Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Field for MLS Proposes 2-Point Goal

This design could best accommodate the sporting public's thirst for more consistent drama and contemporary strategies in Soccer. 

New American-style Rules compliment the field's look and extract as much common sense as possible.  

American sports fans are the most sophisticated in the world and have been treated to the greatest history in sports, from Joe Thorpe to Jesse Owens, from Muhammad Ali to Michael Phelps, from Joe Montana to Michael Jordan and on and on.  

This field and the new rules give justice to the American sports fan. 

Originally published March/2012


  1. What the hell does that paragraph even mean? Is that patronizing? Pandering? I don't even know why it's in there and the americanizesoccer name doesn't even make it palatable. Seriously, the idea is interesting, but that paragraph makes me want to nut kick someone.


  2. Right idea, wrong approach. A 2-point goal from outside is dumb, because long-distance slop-goals are almost easier to score than filtering a ball into the front of the net. The ways to increase scoring are:

    1) Increase the size of the goal
    2) Put uprights over the side posts. Score 3 for an "over," score 6 for an "under" plus a 1 or 2-point "conversion."
    3) Eliminate the side-throw-in and substitute a place kick from the line. Have both teams line up with one foot on the Penalty Box line until the ball crosses over.
    4) Eliminate offsides inside the box.

    I would watch!