Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Perry's Gaffes May Bring Texas Into Play for 2012 Election

For some time, Texas has been considered untouchable for Republicans.  Major elections have been owned by them.  Texas has voted Republican for President, Governor and Senators for years.

But, Rick Perry is pushing hard to give Democrats a chance in these next elections by acting like a person confounded by his beliefs, tongue-twisted with his verbal skills and unaware of the impact of his actions.  He has messed up so many times on the road campaigning or during debates that the media can't keep track anymore. 

His latest gaffes reference the voting age (it's 18, not 21) and the date of the election is not the one he says it is(see video above).  Some could say these are mistakes anyone could make and their right, but most people wouldn't.  That's the shame of it.

He's giving Texas a bad reputation just by being himself.  He has successfully made a mockery of his candidacy.  He is an embarrassment of riches to Republicans.

It's amazing he has lasted this long as Governor.  He has been incredibly swift at avoiding the limelight and hiding underneath Republican values.

Now, during this campaign, he is showing his true colors.  Unfortunately for him, his supporters and the Republican Party, he is displaying a level of incompetence in his run for the presidency.

This brings up an issue many Republicans may end up worrying about.  President Obama did not lose Texas by that big of a percentage to Senator McCain in '08.  It was 55% to 44% in McCain's favor. 

In '08, Obama won most of the bigger metropolitan county votes, but was not close in the more rural counties.  As more people move out of the smaller towns and into the cities, the Obama campaign might notice they have a shot to take away a big number of electoral votes from the Republicans and steal the state away. 

It would be ironic if Rick Perry began his campaign to win the Presidency, only to end up providing more aid to the Obama campaign and push them over the top.  A Texas win by Obama, would not only be a shocker, but would be a closer.  It would make winning almost impossible for the Republican candidate. 

Up till now, it has been a given that Democrats are stronger in New York and California, while Florida is hotly contested and will be up in the air through election night in November of 2012.  Texas, which has been a Republican stronghold, would shift the balance completely if won by Obama.

The question becomes, will Obama's team see the possibility and push hard with advertising dollars?  It will depend a lot on other dogfight states and which ones seem most winnable.  Texas may end up being on the winnable radar and for this, Obama can thank Rick Perry.

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