Thursday, November 10, 2011

Same Old Story: MLS Needs The Galaxy to Win

Was David Beckham leading us on over the last 4+ seasons?  Did he plan things this way?

He, Donovan, Keane and the others win at home for his last match of his old contract to win MLS Cup for his first time.  It all seems to be perfect timing.  But, then again, it would have been perfect timing in any one of the previous four seasons.

Major League Soccer has needed L.A. to win its Cup badly for years.  Beckham winning the Cup is the best possible story for MLS to publish.  It's the one story that will make headlines and provide momentum for the next season.

A Real Salt Lake victory over the Galaxy two years ago and the FC Dallas vs. Colorado Rapids final from a year ago were not breakthrough moments for the league.

The league needs a moment with 'staying power.'  The league needs its most popular team, with its two most popular players, possibly the greatest tandem of players ever on one U.S. Soccer club, to win The Cup now.

The situation could be categorized as desperate.  The Galaxy have had chances with Beckham in the last 4 seasons and have not come through to win a title.  The league is desperate, fans are desperate, sponsors are desperate and so is Beckham.

It's the same old story, but not a stale one.  Many of those connected with pro Soccer in the U.S. are hoping for a Galaxy win because Soccer and MLS can be the main sports story for a day.  Even better, this story could lead to bigger mainstream sports stories, if Beckham re-signs and a dynasty can be pursued.

A title this year with provide the banter for next year. The dynasty is what MLS is really after and what it really needed out of Beckham, Donovan and the Galaxy.  

Some would argue a dynasty can be made from two victories, such as the Denver Broncos did.  But with the two stars aging, one singular title will do, for now.

Are a goal and an assist too much to ask for?

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