Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Should the NFL Eliminate Playoff Byes?

It is overdue.  It doesn't make sense, either.  Sure, the argument is that 1 and 2 seeds don't often make appearances together in the AFC, NFC championship games, but this is not the point.

There's nothing wrong with having 1 and 2 seeds play a first round game.  It only means more playoff games for fans.  How to remedy the situation?  Bring in 2 more additional teams to the playoffs from each conference for a total of 16, rather than 12 teams.

This is not so radical.  It will make the NFL more money because so many more teams will have a chance to make the playoffs and the interest level can remain high. 

Teams who may not have any hope 10 or 11 weeks into the season, could still be in the playoff picture. They can rally and still dream of championship success.  These teams hanging around will keep fans watching on tv, paying for tickets and buying product. 

As it is set-up presently, after 10 or 11 weeks, for most cities, all hope is lost.  There is a serious economical impact at stake.

Is this theory that controversial?  Who would benefit the most?  Fans.  Instead of throwing in the towel and starting to prepare for next year, fans can root on and keep their prayers alive.

Who won't like this, traditionalists?  It's not even a long tradition, though.  The current playoff format including the byes has only 23 years in existence (it began in 1990).

The four wildcards should be the ones with the best overall record, than best conference records.  How difficult is this?  It's not brain science.

Byes serve no real purpose.  If one uses the logic mentioned previously, the less than often 1-2 matchups in conference championships, than what difference does it make, anyway?  Have the 1-2's play a first rounder. Maybe, the first rounder will give way to more 1-2 matchups, or maybe there could be some awesome upsets and 7-8 seeds can take it to the house (the Disney house).

The NFL needs to mix it up some.  Give fans more when there is nothing to lose.  4 extra playoff games would suit any football fan.  There's no bible saying there have to be first round byes for the top 2 seeds.

The first playoff weekend of 8 games could feature Friday night games.  Possibly, 1-2 seeds could get their choice of what day they want to play.

If Roger gets the message, maybe he can follow-through.  He always talks about fans first.  He is the one commissioner who speaks most often about them.  Can he back up his talk with more action?

Originally published January 2012

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  1. Add two more teams? So we have more 8-8 teams in the playoffs? Half the league would make the playoffs. That's a bit too much.