Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is 2011 'Goal of the Year' Best Ever?

Tough to answer.  Many people will be upset to see a Mexican goal against the U.S. in a championship as goal of the year and possible best goal ever, but it is what it is.  It's controversial to say, but, there is an argument to be made.

Giovanni dos Santos will hopefully make his way to MLS.  His passion, his joy are obsessive to watch. There is a line from the '80's movie, Vision Quest, that sums up how one may have felt when his goal went through, "it was pretty G-d damn glorious!"

It wasn't a bicycle kick, but had the artistry to seem even more sensational.

It was a rare thing to see in Soccer, unfortunately.  There should be more of these moments.

A player hardly ever dribbles up close with a goalkeeper and plays keep away as the keeper swipes at the ball, but that's what happened.  And, it was followed by the perfect kick, sliding in between the head of a U.S. defender and the top of the goal post in the corner of the goal with only centimeters to spare.

The U.S. defender jumping with his head as high as possible at the apex of his jump to try and deflect it made the goal that much more dramatic.  For just a fleeting moment, it seemed this U.S. defender falling back and clashing with the metal post wished he never would have played a sport in which he can't use his hands.

And, then the expression of the U.S. goalkeeper pounding his fist into the ground, just added more to the drama.  The crowd noise too was super intense.

The expressions on the faces of both teams after the goal were incredible.

The match started off well for the U.S. squad.  It was the Gold Cup final to see who is the best of the Northern and Central American countries.  The winner participates in the Confederation Cup of 2013, a prestigious warm-up to the World Cup.

The U.S. was winning 2-0, but Mexico rallied to come back and lead 3-2.  This was the goal that sealed the deal and put the game out of reach at 4-2.  

Not only was it fantastic to see, it was a winning play for a championship.

Athletic headers and kicks are wonderful to watch.
There have been tons of really terrific juggling,
bending and bicycling goals, but the '2011 Goal of the Year' displayed a kind of once in a lifetime moment.  

Congrats Giovanni on goal of the year and competition for best goal ever.

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