Thursday, June 26, 2014

NFL Re-alignment Could Look Like This...

Is it necessary to have 70,000 seat stadiums?  Can 50-55,000 do the trick? 

It's common knowledge that people aren't always in the mood to rush out to the stadium fighting traffic, paying parking and high ticket prices. 

Televisions are bigger than ever.  80-inch is becoming the new norm.  High-def has been the norm. 

People's houses are their castles.

Don't bust on Jacksonville, Buffalo and Cincinnati just yet.

Bigger is not always better for stadiums.  Baseball proves this every year with the paucity of spectators at meaningless games late in the season. 

Demand always outshines supply when it comes to making an event worthy. 

"Rats!  This sucks, we can't get a ticket," said the naive sports fan. 

Don't worry.  Scalpers and ticket suppliers are in business for these situations. 

"Guess the best option is to watch it at home or go to a sports bar," he said (Another business set-up especially for these occasions). 

With the 8 new teams added, re-alignment becomes necessary.  New rivalries start; new traditions follow.

The AFC and NFC can remain named the same, but it's not necessary.  Bucking the conference traditions will piss a lot of people off, but making geographical sense is important, too.  Fans can travel more often if their team is playing closer. 

Any attachment to conferences and divisions is an emotional one for sports fans.  Breaking with tradition is hard. 

The Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins are out of place in their divisions, geographically speaking, and will be the biggest movers when it comes to traditions and nostalgia. 

The East can be broken down into 4 divisions (names are welcome for the divisions) and the West can be broken down into 4 divisions.  If it makes people feel better, they can be called AFC East and NFC West.

None of the names will really matter much in the near future, anyways.  All divisions and conferences will be named after corporations or products for marketing dollars. 

Change is inevitable.

Teams for the Eastern side of the NFL should be New England, Buffalo, New York Jets, New York Giants, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnatti, Washington, Carolina, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Detroit, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and Chicago. 

The divsions can broken down to;
Green Bay, Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago and Cleveland.
Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Cincinnatti and Carolina.
New England, New York Giants, New York Jets, Philadelphia and Washington.
Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Orlando and Jacksonville.

Teams for the Western side of the NFL (along the edge of the Mississippi River and West of it) should be San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Minnesota, St. Louis, Kansas City, Salt Lake City, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Las Vegas, Denver, New Orleans, Omaha, Tennessee and Sacramento.

The divsions can broken down to;
Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Tennessee and New Orleans.
St. Louis, Kansas City, Minnesota, Omaha and Denver.
Phoenix, Vegas, L.A., San Diego and Salt Lake City.
Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, Oakland and San Francisco.

It hurts so good.  As the years go by, it will be an easier pill to swallow.

Expanded playoffs will help the sports fans to breathe easier and relax. 

Originally Posted 01/10/12

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