Monday, December 12, 2011

Tebow Grooming for Republican Nomination?

He's got folk hero status across the country.  He's winning when everybody was betting against him.  He's won over fans outside of football and some would dare to call him the 'Great White Hope.'

He may win ugly, but it doesn't look like his fans care.  For them, he represents something bigger.  He's the underdog.  He's also a Christian underdog.  Both types of underdog fans are pulling for him. 

Conservatives love him and Christian conservatives adore him.  He can't win the presidential nomination this go-round, but he may be a favorite in 2036.  He'll be around 50 years old by that time and primed for the Republican nomination. 

There is a precedent.  Jack Kemp was on the ticket with Bob Dole for Vice-President when Clinton and Gore won in 1996.  Kemp played the quarterback position, too.  His most recognition at the position came in the 1960's while playing for the Buffalo Bills. 

There are plenty of other sports personalities who have made it to Congress.  Oddly, or not so oddly, the positions which have the ball in their hands most often have faired the best in public office. 

Hall of fame Wide receiver Steve Largent, former NFL quarterback Heath Shuler, former Oklahoma quarterback J.C. Watts, NBA star Bill Bradley and former all-star pitcher Jim Bunning handled both their fare share of the ball and political fireworks (Shuler is still in office).

None of the former athletes turned politicians can claim to have worn their religious beliefs on their shirtsleeves (or tattoos on bodies) as strongly as what Tim Tebow does, though.  This may be where he stands out most in the eyes of Republican voters. 

He causes controversy firstly by being as open with his religion as he is.  Some people take offense to Jesus being responsible for Tebow's skills and work ethic, rather than him accepting the compliment.

Right now, religion doesn't seem to matter as much.  Tebow is riding a wave, a rare wave.  Many want to compare it tangentially to a miracle. 

Headlines in the sports world read as if Tebow is a savior, which he may be for the Broncos this season. 

He has saved, enlightened, exalted and healed many a football fan this year.  Some fans are looking for his games to watch, as if they are being born again as football fans.  

His stardom will fall back to earth just like everybody else's in the sports world, but unlike everybody else, he will continue to be a darling to Republicans. 

Tebow's future scriptures may not have Hall of Fame or Super Bowl MVP written in them, but they might have other nominations inscribed.

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  1. Uh.. he was born in the Philippines