Saturday, December 3, 2011

Will Commercials Make a Difference for Mitt?

It doesn't look that way.  He's not getting any bump in the polls from them.  But, why not?  Their everywhere on television, showing up often during the highest rated shows and sports events.

The spots are awesome.  People talk about how great life is going for them.  Each person touches on aspects of their work, family and hobbies, then, the commercial ends with them saying, "I'm a Mormon."

He's probably not gathering any momentum from them because Conservatives have already decided that he is too wishy-washy, flippy-floppy on issues.  They'd rather put their support behind a candidate, Newt Gingrich, who is more consistent in their core values, except the one about cheating on the wife.

The commericals would have put to rest any doubts about whether the country was ready for a Mormon President.  The people don't look like ones who you think of as joining a cult; a theory put forth this year by a minister of a competing cult-uh, religion.

Mormons are common throughout the U.S. and pretty much everyone has crossed paths with them. They seem innocuous and righteous enough, doing their best to help others and preach their gospel at the same time.

These spots don't give Romney any momentum and neither has anything else recently.  His campaign is sputtering and he seems to be lacking the special quality that sets apart a candidate and brings the masses to believe he will be the right one at the right time.

Many in the media are pointing to the staleness of the campaign as a result of seeing him doing all the same campaigning over again from '08.

He is flat-lining and running without enough purpose, seemingly like a man, who just wants to be President because his ego tells him so.

And, the once candidate with an abounding sense of positivity about him now seems to be mostly negative in his speeches.  He's not getting his way in the campaign and he seems to be getting crankier with each day.

He's running from the old school of ideas.  His plans are ambiguous and grandiose.  They don't appear to be realistic.

He'll probably still win New Hampshire, but this is expected.  He was governor of near-by Massachusetts.  After New Hampshire, expect his campaign to slowly fade away.

A one-term governor born into a political family, established family, rich family won't be able to get over the political hump, it seems.

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