Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dick Vitale Does Web Commercials and Gets Court Honor

Dickie V is legendary.  Any college basketball fan from over the last 30 years recognizes the face and the voice. He is ubiquitous.  He has crisscrossed the country hundreds, maybe thousands of times.

This commercial probably won't air on regular TV.  The spot is only found on the Bridgestone Tire website. Vitale's voice is the best its been in a while, a reminder of the lingo and purity that has stuck through the ages.

Last month Vitale had the University of Detroit basketball court named in his honor.

This video shows him speaking to students in the dedication ceremony.

Later, Dickie V cried like a baby in the press conference.  For him, it all started at U. of D.

Vitale has not been without his controversies.  Many critics believe he has been too soft on athletes and coaches and promoted the professionalism of the sport too much, stepping out of his lane as an analyst.

ESPN doesn't care.  They know he has made them millions.

His work with the Valvano foundation's fight against cancer has been his greatest achievement off the court.  Along with ESPN, he has kept a public eye on the focus of the foundation through his memories of his great friendship with Coach Jimmy V.

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