Friday, March 2, 2012

One Question Romney Hasn't Answered: Why Does He Want to be President so bad?

Why does Mitt Romney want to be President of the United States?

The answer doesn't seem as clear as it should.  He'll say it's to restore America back to the way it should be or to save America from going under and never recovering, but still he's never really addressed why it has to be him to be at the top calling the shots.

He lost in the last election for the Republican nomination in 2008.  In that race, it seemed he had a purpose.  The timing was right then for a significant run for the White House.  He had momentum and he was new to the national scene.

Back then, he didn't seem such the elitist as he does now.  He was a multi-millionaire then, but his money didn't seem to be part of the driving force for how he came onto the political scene.  Now, it feels different.

His money is so filthy rich that the idea of him as President seems tainted.  He came from an affluent background, as his Father did well in the auto industry and later became the Governor of Michigan  in the 1960's.

To many Republicans, he resonated well in 2007-08 because of his business acumen.  Romney was a decent option for curing the nation's ills with a diving stock market (NYSE DJIA was at 8,000) and national mortgage crisis.

He fought hard in the nomination process, but came up short to John McCain, who appealed more generally to conservatives, moderates and independents.

But, why now, does he want to be President?  Running now, he seems more desperate for the job. Why does he want it so bad, is this all about country first?

He didn't serve in the military.  He did serve the Mormon faith as a missionary.  So, does this mean he chooses religion over country?

The problem is that Mitt Romney doesn't have reason enough to want to be President of the U.S.

Some of his reasons don't seem plausible for being in line to become President.  He is unemployed, he likes to fire people and will bet $10,000 without blinking an eye.

Ron Paul is running again, after running twice before for President.  But, Paul has reason to run.  He is part of a movement.  Many would argue that he started the movement.

Paul has big ideas to get the U.S. out of all other countries' business and politics.  Paul wants to deregulate and eliminate as much as possible, including major U.S. government departments to drug reform.  For him to run again, it makes sense.

Newt Gingrich appears to have reason to run for President, too.  It is his first foray into the fray.  He, arguably, is the biggest contemporary mover and shaker of the Republican party after radio icon Rush Limbaugh and the deceased President Ronald Reagan.

Gingrich has plenty of skeletons in the closet, but no one can take away the accomplishments of the '90's, when he helped balance the budget with President Bill Clinton and bring forth the Republican 'Contract with America.'

President Obama appears to have plenty of reason to want to be President again for four more years.

He has an unbelievable background story, similar to President Clinton, of growing up without a father in a modest upbringing and being disciplined enough to become the first African-American Harvard Law Review Editor.

He went on to become a community organizer, was elected to State Congress and later as U.S. Senator before becoming the Democratic 'It' guy and running an unexpectedly, hugely successful campaign for President based around Hope and Change for America.

Mitt Romney can say he was born into wealth and took that wealth to become a wealth magnet.  Is this that impressive?  Many people can sit around and day trade for a living if they start off with a million dollars.

It feels too much like he is trying to buy the Presidency.

Romney is an impressive American figure, no doubt about it.  The combination of faith, determination and his place as a former Governor make him worthy of a bigger post, possibly an ambassador or government Secretary of a department.

But, as for him becoming President, it seems out of touch with where America is today.

Any new person rising to the position of President after President Obama must have a bigger reason for wanting to do the job.  President Obama's humble roots has set the bar higher for the office and its meaning.

A person's accomplishments have to be bigger than just looking Presidential (like they say about Romney in the media), which is a racist attitude, anyways.

The next older white guy to become President has to be real special.  Romney doesn't seem to have what it takes because he can't answer the question of, 'why him?', other than his ego tells him so.

Originally Published late January 2012

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