Sunday, January 15, 2012

Serena Debuts Aussie Open Tennis Skirt

Serena Williams goes for another Grand Slam starting this week.

She looks primed and ready.

Check out her practice video.

One of the greatest modern American athletes is gunning for a 14th Major tennis tournament.

She has been everything possible in American sports.

Chronicling Serena's overall sports impact isn't an easy chore.  She has dominated her sport at times and been more controversial than dominant at other times.

2012 Aussie Open Tennis wear.

She has brought traits, both physical and character-driven, to tennis and sports in general.  Glamour seems to either follow her or she follows it.

Her African-American qualities can't be overlooked.  Her physical prowess for power and speed overwhelm many of her opponents.  Her physique is beautiful and curvaceous.

She makes intelligent white men drool.

She isn't afraid to speak her mind and reminds everyone in and out of the sports world what Martin Luther King dreamt about.

There have been times that fans may have rooted against Serena.  Either she was dispatching an opponent with such ease that the fans were hoping for more tennis or in her rare moments of frustration with calls not going in her favor and she showed unsportswoman-like qualities.

Serena has shown the public so many sides over the years.  She is undervalued for what she has brought to the sports world.  She has opened the doors for futures of generations, both genders, in tennis and in life because of her ability to be herself.

She's 30 years old and has many more titles to win, but also many more marks on society to trail blaze.

It will be hard to predict what holds over the next 10 years of her career.  She may or may not take a break to start a family, but from the looks of things, Serena may end up playing and winning older than any other woman or man before her.

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