Friday, January 6, 2012

Tebow, Broncos Must Go for It on 4th Down vs. Steelers

The big news today out of Denver is that Brady Quinn took half the snaps with the first team during practice. If the purpose of these snaps were to keep Quinn sharp in case of an injury to Tebow, than having him take snaps is understandable.  If these snaps represent doubting Tebow, than the Broncos are wavering at the worst time.

Being ambivalent towards Tebow now is sending the wrong message.  They would not be hosting a playoff game if it weren't for him.

Tebow is the future in Denver for at least one more season.  Elway as general manager is smart enough to remember his growing pains and will give Tebow the opportunity to get better.

If there is one player in all of the NFL motivated to get better, it's Tim Tebow.  He wants to prove all the skeptics wrong and he's not about to lose faith.

The coaching staff needs to have a keen eye for what Tebow feeds off of to play well and for what brings his level of play down, also.

He plays his best when he is in a good rhythm.  But for him, it can be hard to find it, because he has so many 3 and outs.

It has been the fourth quarter or overtime with the game on the line when he has risen to the challenge most often this season.  For winning or tying drives, Tebow converted when it counted on 4th down many times during those comebacks.

This is why head coach John Fox is the most critical person in the matchup Sunday between the Steelers and Broncos.  Fox needs to know when to go for it in 4th down situations.  A new set of downs will give Tebow the chance for putting his stamp (style of play) on the game.

Fox will have to push his offense to excel in unconventional circumstances, such as, in the 1st quarter at their own 38 with a 4th down and 3 to go or in the third quarter at the Steelers' 46 with a 4th down and 7 to go.

Ultimately, Fox must know his young quarterback's strengths and when a converted 4th down is needed to keep momentum and rhythm.  This is the Denver Broncos best and possibly only shot at winning on Sunday.

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