Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Did Ryan Braun Receive Racial Preference?

The story gets fishier by the day.  How did Ryan Braun manage to get out of his suspension for elevated levels of testosterone, better known as steroids or juicing?

The person who managed Braun's drug test has come out with their side of the story and it's compelling stuff.  He put it all out there in a letter to the editor of the Washington Post detailing his years of education and experience related to anabolic steroids testing. 

Braun as reigning National League MVP in Major League Baseball has tarnished the sport once again.  If he is able to perform to the same stats and same level as before while not juicing than maybe he has a chance to win back his reputation, but the damage seems to have been done. 

The way he is being treated is suspicious.  By MLB lifting his 50-game suspension, they have opened themselves to criticism of all sorts and some of it racial.  Is Braun getting a break because he's white and there have been fewer break-out white superstars lately in the game?  Why the cover-up?

If it doesn't have to do with race, than MLB is covering Braun because he won the MVP playing dirty and they didn't want to admit to it and re-do the MVP vote because it would be bring more negative attention to the game. 

A new vote for MVP would have been the right thing to do. 

A similar incident occurred with the Houston Texans' Brian Cushing after he won NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year two seasons ago.  He tested positive for steroids and was suspended for four games.  He got to keep his award too, but his suspension was upheld.  Cushing is also a white player in a sport with few break-out white star players.

The message being sent is wrong.  In both cases, the voting for the award should have been an official do-over. 

The games are tainted for when these players are playing while juicing and others aren't.  Fans are burned the worst because the results can't be trusted. 

At the very least, Braun and Cushing deserve an asterisk in the awards/records books, just like the other ones who played dirty.

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  1. I don't know why he got off of it that easily. I think that they should evaluate it again.