Friday, February 3, 2012

Josh Hamilton Should Adopt/Mentor Son of Firefighter Who Fell to His Death at Rangers Ballpark

Could there ever be a better story than Josh Hamilton taking care of this boy?

The truth is Hamilton needs the boy more than the boy needs Hamilton. 

As a father figure, Hamilton has something bigger than himself to look after and more meaning in his life.

Hamilton already has one of the greatest 21st century American sports stories of redemption.  Not many can come back from the depths he has seen. 

He has brought himself from the edge of darkness and the crack pipe to Major League stardom and almost a World Series ring.  The public is on his side. 

After the boy’s father fell from an outfield balcony and died last season chasing Hamilton’s lobbed ball to him, all sports fans gasped at the horror.  This was probably the single worst moment in sports in the U.S. since a young girl was killed by an errant puck as a spectator at a pro hockey NHL game in 2002

The boy’s mother is beautiful and courageous.  She accompanied her son to throw out the first pitch at last year’s ALDS.  Hamilton knows her well.

What if Hamilton could be a surrogate father to the boy?  Hamilton only has daughters.  The boy and Hamilton could benefit from each other.  

Fans hope and pray for Hamilton’s best interests.  They want him to succeed at what he does best, driving in runs, not downing beers and alcohol. 

Hamilton needs to take more responsibility for himself off the diamond due to his condition and chance for a relapse.

The boy could be the blessing to put away Hamilton's demons forever.  It wouldn't be the happiest of endings, but it would be an appropriate one between ballplayer and boy with tragedy.

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