Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Linphomania Rocks Valentine's Day

And, he does it again folks!  He sinks three-pointer with .5-seconds left for the win.

Knicks come back in the 4th quarter Valentine's Night behind their Linsational point guard phenom.  He has 27 points and 11 assists in Toronto for the gutty 90-87 win. 

The New York Knicks haven't lost a game with Jeremy Lin as a starter or before when he came off the bench to play significant minutes.  The beat goes on.  This is crazy!  The boy can't lose. 

Lin has been the all-everything savior for Knickerbocker basketball in and out of the Mecca Garden.  He has been Linderella, Lincredible and Linspirational.

Every sports news organization is trying to outdo every other with the best Jeremy Lin descriptive.  They come in all forms; adjective, adverb, noun, verb, direct object, etc...

It started with Linsanity.  Then, came Linvincible.  After Linvincible, it's hard to say the order of the next words to express excitement for the young Asian-American, Hard-line Christian, NBA athlete and Harvard Grad. 

The comparisons of Lin to Tim Tebow coincides with the timeliness of their rise in their respective sports, their underdog status and their Christian faiths.

Tebow had his own brand of verbal sensation going and still is going.  Tebowing became known as getting on one's knee and praying to G-d.  Plenty of other Tebow references are still in vogue. 

New nicknames and terminology for Lin and Tebow are a daily occurrence on sports blogs.  Wordplay gives bloggers something to do while wishing they too were Linning or hanging with the Big Tebowski. 

There's no stopping the Lindictionarytrain anytime soon.  He's got to lose first before it slows down.

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