Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Should the Indianapolis Colts Take Robert Griffin III as Overall #1 NFL 2012 Draft Pick?

There's been virtually no talk about the Colts taking Robert Griffin III over Andrew Luck with their number one overall pick.  Why? 

Is Luck that much more of a sure thing or is this part of the 'black quarterback stereotype'?

The experts and pundits have weaved this year's NFL draftline stories to talk about every scenario except RGIII going as the first pick.

For many people who follow the game, RGIII seems to resemble Michael Vick at this stage of his career.  This is interesting because he is miles further ahead of where Vick was at drafttime in regards to maturity and taking his NFL career seriously. 

Vick has gone as far as one NFC Championship game and lost potentially his most productive years wasting away in prison.  The athletic comparison bodes well for RGIII and should include at least one Super Bowl appearance in his career. 

It seems logical to also compare RGIII with Cam Newton, last year's number one overall pick.  They both have Heismans and have set college records.  They seem able to adapt where others aren't because they're willing to put the work in.

JaMarcus Russell is an excellent example for how lack of effort and a lack for learning a system can come back to burn and ruin one's reputation.

As far as Andrew Luck's comparisons, some have said he looks like a young Tom Brady, which is odd because Brady wasn't going anywhere in his career according to most draft experts.  Brady was picked in the sixth round at the #199 draft pick.

Luck in many people's minds is more like PotLuck.  He could end up being like Brady, but he could be just like Ryan Leaf.  It seems unlikely he'll end up like Leaf because Leaf had emotional issues that prevented him from getting the job done, similar to how things unfolded for Russell. 

But, Luck could end up like a Brady Quinn, someone who looks like the total package, but ends up playing mostly bench and second fiddle.  It's impossible to know for sure, regardless of how all the pundits are guaranteeing Luck as a lock. 

The whole Peyton Manning soap opera makes all of this that much more interesting and unpredictable.  But, it shouldn't be so far out of the question that the Colts consider dumping Manning, passing on Luck and drafting RGIII as their future signal caller.

Originally Posted 02/26/12


  1. Indy take RGIII

  2. Yes, Indy - listen to this man.

    Go Skins.