Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heineken Soccer Ad Raises the Curtains

Not sure what sets this commercial apart from others.  Must be all the hovering Angelas or maybe its the overall setting that appeals to the visual senses.  Wild looking describes it.

'Open Your World' is the slogan at the very end.  An open mind is definitely needed for this spot and that must be the message for the beer.

Heineken has a reputation over the last few years for distinguishing themselves with unique, stylistic commercials.  This one is running during EUFA Champions League matches.

Remember the one with really 'cool' guy doing a little bit of everything before Kung-Fuing his way to the beer.

The band who recorded that was the Asteroids Galaxy Tour.  Here's the long version of the commercial.

Here's a little more taste of the band.  Are they a one-hit advertisement wonder or will they be touring for a long time?

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