Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is Drew Brees' Time Up with the New Orleans Saints?

Drew Brees may feel it is time for a change.  He may ask for a trade.

The Saints may give him what he wants because he put the team on his back for the last few years without reservations.  He built the team into a powerhouse and gave the team an identity they had never had before.  And, he is always humble.

The NFL loves him.  They built his reputation up because he has been such the model citizen.

Remember all the cool Brees analogies commercial (see above).  He has been the rarest of Breeds.

If Brees doesn't want to play there any longer, he should be able to leave on his own terms.

He played no part in any of the Bounty saga.  In fact, it is just the opposite.  Not only did he not participate in any ridiculous violent plans in exchange for money and notoriety, he was busy building back a city devastated from hurricanes and community violence ongoing from past years.

He put the city on his back.  He turned a paper-bag franchise into a Super Bowl winner with his positive attitude.

His leadership style is contagious.  He was Tebow before Tebow.  He overcame doubters and an injury in San Diego and kept believing in himself and his work ethic.

He electrified his teammates with a pre-game warmup that has become the best known ever, making Ray Lewis' look minor in comparison.

What has happened in New Orleans is despicable and unprecedented.  As the rare superstar quarterback that has earned everything, Brees should be granted a trade if he wants one.

He may feel the situation (coaching suspensions and negative media) is too much to deal with and he would prefer a new opportunity and fresh start to get away from all the controversy.

Wouldn't this be something for the NFL?  First Luck, then RGIII, then Manning, Tebow and now possibly Brees.  It would be the biggest single off-season, or already is, of all-time, leading into the most talked about season of all-time, 2012-13.


  1. You point out all the reasons why Brees is so ingrained in the New Orleans organization and community and then at the end you say he's going to leave because the media attention might become stressful?


    Color me confused...this makes no sense.

    1. I can respect your statement. I am referring to football and that he's probably done enough for the Saints at this point.