Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Israel Has Lost Its Purpose

The fight is gone.  It's not about democracy in a region of the world lacking basic freedom and human rights.  It's all about religion.

Israel has been viewed as a friend to the U.S. because it has governed itself through the lens of Western values.  As the biggest ally in a war-torn region, Israel has always been seen as worthy of protecting because it has been a freedom fighter for its people and democracy.

But, 10+ years removed from 9/11 and Israel is being perceived in a different role.  The reality of Israel and its need to see itself as a Jewish state must be reconsidered.

In the past, it seemed just and warranted.  Jews after WWII established Israel and fought for its independence.

The Holocaust and its lingering effects seemed to give Jews all the rights to press forward to make Israel a reality.  Now, 60+ years later, the purpose appears diminished and less useful for the world's affairs.

From 1948 to 9/11, it seemed perfectly fine to fight for a Jewish state, but as time rolls forward, any religious state seems antiquated in its thinking and existing to only look for war.

Assuming logical circumstances, Israel will one day be governed by a non-Jewish Prime Minister, possibly an Arab.  In its Knesset (Congress), Arabs have a voice.

Multi-culturalism will be more prevalent in the future of Israel.  It's impossible to repress.  The country allows non-Jews to vote and they have plenty of immigration.

The point is that being Jewish has nothing to do with running a country.  Any democracy is a wonderful thing as long as it is duly separated from religion.

Religion and politics don't mix.

This has been the most influential piece of philosophy that has pushed the U.S. to become the world's leader.  The U.S.' s Constitution attempts to apply this theory to everyday legal issues for its citizens.  It is the driving force for maintaining order from potential religious chaos.

There is an argument made on religious background that says Israel is the Holy Land.  This is a religious farce created by those stumping for biblical purposes.

There is no way G-d created the universe and said this part of the world is holier than that part.  It is only a religious argument.

If Israel ceases to exist, Jewish people will be welcomed to migrate and settle in other places around the world.  In the U.S., there is plenty of land to provide for a good start.

The U.S. should welcome all the people of Israel, including their wonderful vast amount of scientists, physicians and engineers, to make their home in a section of Nebraska, North or South Dakota.

Like Mormons in Utah, the Jews can continue to blossom and have influence among Americans.  Jews don't need to grow their influence, though, in order to dictate and confront the world as a religious entity.

This is not a case of seceding to the wishes of the Arabs in the Middle East.  All countries should be pressed towards democracy without religious intolerance and interference.

Originally published early 2012.

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  1. This commentary is obtuse. No other ethno-religious group in the history of the world has been as persecuted, harassed and pressed to near complete genocide as the Jews. For the Jews, the survivial of Israle is an existential question of far greater import than some philosophical navel-gazing about "democracy." You speak as if the Arabs among them would happily co-exist with the Jews among them if power were magically handed over to them, when we KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Arabs would MASSACRE EVERY JEW and claim religious justification for doing so. Your sentiments are hopelessly, tragically and obtusely naive and absurd. The Jews are not the Mormons in Utah.