Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nation Loses Out with Tebow Trade to New York

It doesn't seem fair.  Tebow belongs as a 'starting' quarterback.  He deserves a shot.  He's earned the opportunity with a Heisman, national college championships and a pro playoff win.

It feels like the country is getting cheated.  Football fans don't get the full Tebow effect because he's a second-stringer for the New York Jets, the back-up to Mark Sanchez and his big, new contract.

It's just dumb bad (Andrew) Luck.  If it weren't for this recent domino effect from the Colts through the Broncos to the Jets, maybe Tebow could have stayed a 'starter' like Elway had promised he would be going into next season.

But, why the Jets?  Couldn't Tebow have gone to a team looking for a change, a team willing to take Tebow and all his faults?  A team not afraid of an air of mystery for what happens next?

The country does not want to go through another Tebow quarterback controversy.  That's old and stale. Been there, done that.

The country wants the coach, general manager and owner to leave him alone so he can lead his team by improving with each gritty performance.

But, it looks like a guaranteed quarterback controversy in New York because Sanchez doesn't always have the talent each week to convince fans and the media that he can get his team to a Super Bowl.

The media and the circumstances will put Tebow in an unenviable situation in which he has to fight again to get the starting job.  He deserves better.

Young, athletic Tebow, a spiritual leader and role model, is not meant to roam the sidelines.  He is worthy of playing.  He brings something different to the game.  His energy is incomparable.

This whole ordeal will tire him and everyone else out.  This was not how the next chapter was supposed to go in the Tim Tebow story.

Something's out of place and not right about this trade.  Shame on John Elway and Rex Ryan for messing with the most unpredictable storyline in years for football fans.

Originally Published March 22, 2012

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  1. Tebow to the Jets is just absolutely disastrously sad for everyone concerned. The Jets don't have the character or talent to showcase a Tebow, or even to use him effectvely. Arguably the greatest NFL marketing phenomenon in our lifetimes is going to moulder on the Jet's bench. Why? Why? Why? Even if Tebow were to go to a team that's utterly and completely awful, but NOT a publicity fishbowl like NYC, where Tebow is derided as a hick and a yokel, he could shine and bring all of that precious reflected glory back to the NFL. It's a pitiful shame. Just like the Jet's season.