Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jacksonville NFL Franchise Survival Rests in Tebow

Who could have guessed this chapter as part of the Peyton Manning soap opera?

The Jaguars need Tebow to save the franchise.  They have to pull the strings, like the Redskins did to get RGIII.  They can't be like the Browns and lose out to a higher bidder.

The Redskins are different in that they don't need RGIII to save the franchise, rather, to save it from only another poor season.

The Jaguars actually do need Tebow to the rescue, so they don't have to leave town and leave the fans that support them.

The Jacksonville franchise is in a different mindframe than all other NFL franchises.  It is the first name the media calls out when there is discussion of which team moves to L.A. when L.A. comes back to the NFL.

Jacksonville has had its problems selling out home games and winning consistently.  The new owner says he doesn't want to move the team, but any owner can only stand to lose money for so long.

Tebow as a savior works for this team, even without winning the Super Bowl.  By bringing a gritty performance week to week, he gives the fans, the area and the team what they need most...hope.

Hope to keep NFL level of football the staying power that the city of Jacksonville needs.

The fanbase will grow with Tebow and the chances for the playoffs will be a possibility each year.  He proved this in Denver.

Presently, Jacksonville is without any bigname quarterback or even bigname period.  They have probably the lowest profile of any NFL team.

Tebow brings instant recognition and a national following.

His Florida roots and temperament are a perfect compliment for fans and the Jaguars front office knows this.  Tebow will only improve.  The odds are in their favor.  They should bring him on board as 'the Starter.'

The best part of the Tebow phenomena is that expectations are low, but turnout doesn't seem to be negatively affected.  It is the excitement factor that he generates.

#15 in teal, black and gold with a jungle feline roaring on the helmet-Jax and Tebow, a match made in underdog/cat heaven.

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