Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Will Sean Payton Become an Analyst?

During his year away (for his suspension due to the bounty scandal) from coaching the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League, will Sean Payton entertain offers to become a pundit and prognosticator?

Should he be allowed to?

There's no law that he would be breaking and it seems likely that he will get offers.  He is a winning Super Bowl head coach.

He surely won't get any offers from the NFL Network.

But, what about ESPN or FOX?  How controversial would this be or how inappropriate if he were to take a job offer as an analyst?

He is due to lose 7 million dollars, so he's going to need to support his family.  He's probably going to lose endorsements or not gain new ones, so any income is appreciated.

How much would his hire be a public relations ploy, or is it even worth it, as a public relations effort?

Is he going to get blackballed and get no offers?  Will he get fired for good by the Saints?

Maybe the lack of opportunities only lasts for a year, then, the scandal starts to wear down and he gets his chance anew with a different team.  It's impossible to say for sure.

This is unprecedented waters for all involved.

And, what about Gregg Williams, does he end up going to the college game, would any university take a chance on either of these guys after Penn St.?

Payton lost out for the same reasons as Paterno, lack of institutional control.

Payton as an analyst might rub a lot of people the wrong way.  There could be push back from advertisers.

Time will tell as the NFL world turns.

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