Thursday, April 5, 2012

Parcells Factor Influences Payton's Appeal

Sean Payton will not have his suspension reduced for many reasons.  But, the single most influential reason may have more to do with the most quotable head coach of all time, Bill Parcells.

For Roger Goodell and the NFL, the opportunity to have Parcells coach one more season is reason enough not to touch the decision.

Parcells will bring more drama in one season than any other coach in the universe.  He is a walking soap opera, full of unusual, direct comments.

He is made for Tv.  His weekly coaching press conferences always have soundbites never quite heard before in the NFL coaching circles.

For Parcells, a one-year option is the only acceptable kind for him at this stage of retirement punditry. This is the reason that Goodell must hope for Parcells to take over for the one-year suspension of Payton.  It is the perfect scenario.

Also, Parcells and Drew Brees are an excellent fit.  Both respect each other's accomplishments and understand the complexity of the game.

This New Orleans Saints team of 2012-13 could end up being the best show in all the NFL and Parcells will keep them focused by downplaying their wins all year leading into the playoffs.

Everyone can look forward to some dry wit from the very best the NFL has ever had.

Who can ever forget his great one-liner to the press when Tony Romo started to gel as a starting quarterback.  He said, "let's not get out the anointing oil, boys."

The two-time Super Bowl winning head coach with the Giants is also well-known for reviving the Jets franchise and the Cowboys franchise, leading both to the playoffs after some years of futility.

He is a one of a kind marketing machine for the NFL.  No better solution would exist for what happened in New Orleans than Parcells leading the team back on the gridiron with professionalism, integrity and a chance for history.

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