Monday, April 9, 2012

Petrino, Ozzie and Bubba

Editor's note:  Ozzie Guillen was fired today, so it felt like the right time for another read on this article, originally published April 9, 2012.

This is why we watch sports.  The train wrecks, the surreal and the unimaginable.

Bobbie Petrino gets in a motorcycle wreck probably crossing train tracks.  The wreck is bad, but the cover-up becomes worse.

It's the kind of stuff that would be hard to write for a screenplay.  The least likely scenario turns into a can you believe it soap opera with deception at every turn.

Petrino's heartache is a different kind of cheating scandal than what most NCAA head coaches face. Dude ripped up his face and reputation all at once.

As bad as what Petrino did and as much of the public's trust he lost, still he may not end up as the biggest idiot of the week.  Ozzie Guillen is giving him a contest.

Ozzie Guillen could have said just about anything and it wouldn't have mattered.  But, he chose to utter the one thing that South Floridians have complete disdain for, saying Fidel Castro is a great man.

This was it.  The one thing not to say and he said it.  Even with an apology, he has created a firestorm that will linger for the rest of the season.  Unfortunately for the MLB Miami Marlins, it is a season of new beginnings with a new ballpark and name.

Petrino will be fired as he should be.  A southern state's biggest head football coach shouldn't be allowed to make a mockery of morals and integrity.

Ozzie has put his job at risk and can only save it by winning the division.  He will more than likely not come back to manage another season in Miami as the pressure will mount to see him go.

There are those who don't appreciate what they have and then there are those that do and live their lives accordingly, even going against the norm to achieve greatness.

Bubba Watson won the Masters by using his own style to teach himself how to play and make the most out of his potential.  He has no coach and is an eccentric on the course at a time when hardly any exist.

Recently, he bought the Dukes of Hazzard car because it fits his personality and his first inclination after winning in Augusta was to leave quickly to get home to his wife and adopted newborn.

Bubba packs genuine emotion and is fresh air in a sports world filled with egomaniacs messing up opportunities and turning others against them.

Originally published April 9, 2012

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