Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Should Instant Replay Include Goals Waived Off by Bad Refereeing?

This past weekend saw an obvious bad call by the referee in the Sporting KC vs. Real Salt Lake match.

Sporting KC had an obvious header for a goal, a great header, but the ref said the player pushed off to create space to make the play.  The replay obvious shows this not to be the case (It happens at the 1minute 55 seconds mark in video above.).

Sporting KC was trying to protect its undefeated record and thankfully they were able to do so by scoring a winner later in the second half because they would have been robbed of that undefeated winning record had the late goal not occurred.

Sporting KC is off to a tremendous start to their season, sitting at 6-0.  The 1996 LA Galaxy team holds the MLS record, beginning their season with a 12 game winning streak.

There has been plenty of talk of goal line technology to confirm goals or not confirm them for crossing the line and entering the goal, but there hasn't been any discussion on using instant replay for other reasons.

Instant replay for Soccer becomes a focal point every four years at World Cup and nothing ever changes, but it seems now, that FIFA is ready to make the move for common sense.

There have been more controversies recently, bringing more negative publicity.  Only last week, in a Chelsea game, a goal was awarded that shouldn't have been.

The replay to get the right call seems like the right thing to do for Soccer; especially as so many other sports are engaged with it as well.

But, what about using the NFL's red flag challenges for instant replay, could this work for Soccer, too?

It seems that this past week's game for Sporting KC was a scenario for which review could have been possible.

Giving goals and taking away goals for the wrong calls should not be tolerated in Soccer.  Goals are too hard to come by to not be legitimate.

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  1. If you put instant replay in to soccer, then you have to change the timekeeping rules and either stop play during replay challenges, or, extend games into absurdly long extra time. I think the only way to do it is to add one MORE extra official who has access to the video booth and a replay button he can control, and red-light/green-light calls from the booth in near real time. That's the only way instant replay can be made practical.