Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sporting KC Making It Easy for Fans to Forget MLB's Royals

Without pro basketball and pro hockey teams and while the Chiefs are in the off-season, the Kansas City sports calendar revolves around baseball and Soccer.

But, Soccer is making mince-meat out of baseball.  Both have the same length of streaks, the Royals have a seven game losing streak while Sporting has a seven game winning streak.

Also, the Royals are winless at home, while Sporting is undefeated at home.

Sporting is undefeated period, with the second longest winning streak to open a season ever in MLS. And, they have only allowed two goals against them in total of their first seven games (this article is being posted after the Royals loss and prior to the start of Sporting KC's match vs. Portland).

In general, Sporting KC has everything going for it, team chemistry and fun players to watch who want to impress, like Kei Kamara from Sierra Leone, Aurelein Collin from France and Americans C.J. Sapong and Graham Zusi, to name a few.

Their play has been kick-ass and contagious.  And, the Sporting fans have reciprocated as rabid and passionate.  Having the newly built LiveStrong stadium doesn't hurt too much, either.

Simply put, Sporting KC is the team to watch in MLS.  The Galaxy are not going anywhere with Beckham and Donovan, but Sporting is playing the most beautiful American game right now.

As for MLB in KC, there's nothing new to report.  George Brett and the World Series appearances of the Royals from the past are long ago memories.  There hasn't been glory in KC for the Royals in forever.

Again, the Royals are mired in a losing steak, but the streak doesn't stop with games in a row, unfortunately, the losing streak is seasons, double-digit straight losing seasons in a row.

Fans have lost count of the last time they won more than they lost.  It has been way too long since they were any kind of factor late in the season for a playoff spot.  They haven't really even challenged for the wildcard since it was instituted more than a decade ago.

With a current record of 3-11, hopes are already dim for this season for the Royals.  It sucks to say that with 148 games to go, but the futility of truth hurts.  If they can make a turnaround, than great for them, if not, Soccer might just end up running baseball out of town(-the proverbial last straw to break the camel's back after so many rough seasons of marginal play).

Possibly, the NBA Kings can make their way back to town.  They're looking for a new home.  The old home in KC with the nostalgia and history may be the most suitable.

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