Thursday, April 19, 2012

Which Soccer Team Is Considered Greater, the Winner of World Cup or UEFA Champions League?

It's a simple question, but not necessarily simple to answer.

Most critics would consider the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Champions League winner to be the best team in the world on account of what the tourney represents regarding skill level.

UEFA Champions League consists of a yearly tourney among the best European club teams.  They must qualify for entry to the tournament.

At this point in International Soccer, there is little argument that more great club teams exist in Europe than anywhere else in the world.  But, are these teams better than the World Cup winner?

In other words, would Spain beat the teams in the semi-finals vying to capture the UEFA title this year?

This is an argument that can never be answered except maybe with a computer software video game. Even then, it would be difficult because so many of the Spanish national team play for Barcelona and Real Madrid.

It is just a question to ask to understand how sports fans should rank the UEFA Champions League tourney.

Is World Cup Soccer the best in the world or is UEFA Champions League?  This is a separate question concerning the bigger picture of comparing the two tournaments for skill level.

The most obvious difference is that the World Cup is only played every four years, while UEFA Champions is played annually.  So, can any real comparison be made for the three years in which WC is not being played?

The defending WC champion Spanish national team was one of the most brilliant teams to win WC in recent decades because of the precision and speed with which they played.  They most resemble Barcelona in style of play.

Due to Messi's ability, though, many experts would say that Barcelona is the superior team over the Spanish national team, but what about the other semi-finalists?

Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are all playing extremely well and deserve to be contenders.  Arguments can be made that if they win this year, they are the best Soccer team in the world, better than the WC winner of 2010, too.

There could be a couple of South American squads with something to say about all of this best team in the world business, but their only answer can come at FIFA Club WC.  Since its inception, though, FIFA Club WC doesn't seem to compare much to UEFA Champions League.

The critics would say that many more great club teams play the UEFA Champions League, making it more prestigious and harder to win.

What do you think?  There is a poll to vote on it at the right of the page.


  1. As the champions league final has ever been, this year it's gonna be a wonderful game, cause both teams will fight for any chance to get the title. As the host, Bayen Munich seems to have little bit more chance to win and also cause Bayen and Germany havnt win the CL since 2001, but Chelsea wont let this chance go to obtain its first title. Since 1992, Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid dominated the game, but also Bayren Munich won once and reached the final twice, while chelsea did once.
    List of the UEFA Champions league winners

  2. At this point in time UEFA is the dominant league in the world. In Soccer, it is akin to the NBA in Basketball or the NHL in Hockey. There can be no dispute that the winner of the UEFA Champions League is the best team in the world. The FIFA World cup is something more akin to the Olympics. Yes it is prestigious, but in a different sense, in that every nation in the world, regardless of the quality of its professional leagues has a chance to participate. It is as much a flag-waving exercise as it is a sporting competition. Without the National identities of the teams involved, it would be an impossible enterprise to sustain. UEFA is King for the forseeable future.

    1. the voting in the poll indicates otherwise. when the poll started out, it was in favor of EUFA, but, as the tourney progressed, the voting changed.