Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review: 2012 MLS Live via

A subscription for MLS Live costs $14.99 a month or $59.99 for the season.  To access it, go to

The subscription provides the consumer with the internet feed to watch, from beginning to end, live MLS matches.  Not every match of the season is there to view, but most of them are.

There is a schedule page to indicate whether the game is available to watch or whether it is a blackout due to contractual agreements with national broadcasts or local broadcasts.

The telecasts on MLS Live are professional, modern and streamed in HD.  There is excellent viewing opportunities and the play by play and color analysts from each of the teams are knowledgeable and trying their best to be interesting and timely.

Without a doubt, the stadiums that are packed to the hilt with fans provide the best aura and ambiance for watching.  It is easy to get emotionally involved watching the Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers and Sporting KC at home.  Real Salt Lake at home is no slouch, either.

Sporting KC is especially one big reason to watch MLS now.  Arguably, it is playing the most aesthetically pleasing Soccer that any U.S. club has ever played.  They are fun to watch at home or on the road.  Obviously, on the road, they are challenged more, but they have been prevailing for the most part and this historic season is being witnessed on MLS Live more easily than any other possible outlet for watching.  

D.C. United and the LA Galaxy also make for fun viewing.

Though RFK receives its share of protests as an old, washed-up stadium, at night, there is an inviting and loud atmosphere that makes for good Tv.  (In fact, all the games seem better at night).

LA with Beckham and Donovan is a team to follow whenever they're scheduled.  Beckham can really exhort the worst out of opposing fans.  He is always whining to the referee or gesturing to fans about something.  And, Donovan is always going to be somebody to root for.

At some point soon this season, the NY Red Bull will sign one more big name designated player and just maybe they become a team that will have more intrigue.

The one-month subscription is hard to turn down.  For 15 bucks, the experience is there to try and figure out if it is worth more time and money to invest into for later.

There are moments throughout the week for which MLS provides as a good time filler and having it at one's fingertips and laptop is pretty cool.

MLS Live is probably the best method for getting to know the MLS product, the teams, the rivalries and the talent.

For Soccer purists who may complain that MLS is not as good as EPL or other world leagues, the MLS Live experience will either frustrate them or prove them wrong.  It depends on whether they have an open mind and are willing to watch a few games before making their judgments because like any pro sports league, there are duds and there are compelling matches.

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