Wednesday, May 30, 2012

U.S. Open Cup Gives New Meaning to 'Underdog'

The U.S. Open Cup may need to re-market itself as May Madness.  Unbelievable storylines were accomplished in the first night of third-round play.

With a couple more game to be played Wednesday to finish off third-round play, arguably, the Cup is shaping up into its wildest bracketing of all-time.

Incredibly, seven MLS teams were ousted by lower division teams Tuesday.

The LA Galaxy and Houston Dynamo, finalists of last year's MLS Cup, were two of the victims.

Soccer bracketologists are foaming at the mouth.

How's this for a round-of-16 match: the Dayton Dutch Lions vs. the Michigan Bucks, two teams from amateursville-U.S.A.'s 3rd and 4th Division leagues, respectively.

It's still a longshot, but there are more than a few underdogs now to try and win it all.

Basically, its amateurs vs. pros.

If an underdog lower division team does win, it would have to be considered one of the year's greatest upsets in U.S. sports.


  1. Wynalda & Cal FC. Great job. Couldn;t get it done against Seattle. Noble effort though. Noble effort.
    ~Gunter from Costa Mesa

  2. It is a great way to watch something different and it is more challenging because two of the best team lost. It can open a door for an increase in experience.