Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lakers vs. CSKA Moscow, Heat vs. Olympiacos: Are NBA Owners Also Thinking of a FIBA Club World Cup?

David Stern, commissioner of the NBA, has tossed around the idea of a World Cup of Basketball over the last few days.  (Click here to see more information on WC of Basketball.)

It's been articulated by Stern that the Olympics would start to resemble the style put together by FIFA, the International Federation of Soccer, and play U-23 (Under 23 years old) players only.  Thus, Olympic basketball goes back to more of an amateur kind of look.

It's a very good idea for owners to come together and partner with FIBA, the International Federation of Basketball, to brand the World Cup event and profit from it together.  In fact, it seems overdue, what took so long to figure this out?

One question comes to mind, which court markings will they use, the rectangular NBA key/paint or the trapezoid international key/paint?  Probably, the court will stay with the international look.

Another question is, what comes next, what else will generate revenue for NBA owners?

Down the line, at some point, a FIBA Club World Cup, has to be on its way.  Why reinvent the wheel, keep borrowing 'the big idea' from FIFA.

As noted in the Kenyon Martin Chinese Basketball club case, FIBA is itching to instill more of its will on the game.  NBA owners can either get on board or maybe miss a huge money grab opportunity.

FIBA would love to get the NBA to buy-in on a big-time international team/club tournament in which team champions from the different countries play each other like what FIFA organizes for Soccer.

Imagine the Miami Heat playing Maccabi Tel Aviv, the LA Lakers versus Olympiacos or the OKC Thunder against CSKA Moscow.  Now, those are some intriguing matchups.

Originally published June 2012


  1. FIBA has already changed to the NBA rectangular key starting with this year's Olympics qualifiers.

    1. thanks for the update. what about this year's Olympics?

  2. It is great to hear that they are trying to have a international organization to be more like FIFA. We know that they have their problems but Soccer is growing a lot.