Monday, June 25, 2012

Awesome Video Highlights: Timbers vs. Sounders

They were the underdog going into Sunday's afternoon affair versus the Seattle Sounders, but hometown fans would never had known it after the Portland Timbers won 2-1.

With a national television audience tuned in on ESPN, Portland Soccer fans showed how much they care about their MLS team.

There are other teams with raucous fans, but maybe none as completely coordinated, boisterous, faithful and unique as the ones attending in Portland.

The crowd is hard to believe for many American sports fans not accustomed to the joy of Soccer.  But, it's there, it's true and it looks like it will only grow more infectious.

And, the 'Shiver Me Timbers' team wouldn't let those fans down. 

For the Timbers, a team sitting low in the standings and who may not make the playoffs, they treated this game like a championship.

Their rivalry with the Sounders is unparalleled among U.S. pro Soccer clubs.  And, this was their only scheduled home match.

They came through in the clutch.  They understood the value the match had for their fans and wouldn't let them leave disappointed.  Who knows, this could be the turning point for Portland's season.

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