Friday, June 29, 2012

Is Mitt Romney the Last 'Great White Hope'?

The phrase Last 'Great White Hope' comes from boxing, first a play and then a movie.

It has been used repeatedly over the last few decades as a metaphor for white up and coming boxers who have the potential to pull off an upset and unseat the string of heavyweight black champions.

The Klitschko brothers from Ukraine have basically quieted many of these 'White Hope' references (though, some sports pundits are still waiting for the American white hope to win the heavyweight boxing crown).

Alas, there is a politician Last 'Great White Hope'.  And, he comes in the stale packaging of Mitt Romney.

Why Romney and why there won't be another Romney type for a long, long time:  He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he has no ideas for getting anything done.  He'll say or do anything to get on a side of the issue he believes will win him the office.

All he knows is to bash, bash, bash.  He thinks if you say it enough times, people will believe it.  He thinks more trickle down tactics through laissez-faire capitalism will work for the economy.

As far as world economies go, the U.S. is ahead of the curve.

The recovery may be slow, but all the more reason for people to learn more science, engineering, technology and math.  Instead of complaining, people should be striving to do more.  The economy was essentially saved over the last few years.  It will take time and the American people's perseverance to get it back to how they want it to be.

Romney doesn't realize that to build a stronger U.S./global economy now, it has to built from the inside out.  The most important aspect to bolstering the economy is to build and maintain a robust middle class.  Romney wants to cut corners and go a simpleton's route instead of investing in America and education.  He's as lame as a 'White Hope' can get.

For the Republicans, at least they had political integrity with Santorum or Gingrich.  They stood for something.  Gingrich led the movement and Santorum did an even better job sticking to the script Gingrich wrote.

They may not have good ideas for moving the country forward, but neither does Romney.

For those worried that a white guy won't come back to office because they lack ideas, no worries, history repeats itself.  This is partly why the Klitschko brothers are on top of the heavyweight division.

There will be another white heterosexual man as President of the United States again someday.  But, it may be a long wait.

The next string of champions in the political ring will more than likely be women and more minorities.

Presidential politics is not like it used to be, white men versus white men for the highest office in the land.  Now, a compelling human story is part of the allure to a candidate's campaign.

Unless he's a war hero or faced huge educational obstacles of sorts, white men are lacking in compelling storylines.

The best political leaders today are driven from challenges that most don't encounter.  They suffer from past discriminations and push forward through the bullying towards building families and careers.

Sadly, Mitt Romney has very little to draw from.  His miscues along the way in this campaign keep mounting.  He has made white men look more out of touch when they already had that reputation to begin with.

This Last 'Great White Hope' will have to retire to one of his vacation homes.

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