Monday, July 2, 2012

Penalty Kicks or Golden Goal: Which is Better?

Penalty Kicks were an active part of Euro Cup 2012.  In fact, PK Shootouts have been a typical part of all the major FIFA tournaments for more than 25 years.  It's hard to remember a tournament that didn't have at least one penalty shootout to decide things.

Is this the best way to end games or is it too much potluck?

And, what about the old 'Golden Goal'?  The one in overtime that ends the match no matter what.

Would playing on till a goal is scored be a purer way to end things?

Vote in the poll at the right for PK's or Golden Goals.


  1. I think that there is room for both. If the "Golden Goal" O.T. ends in another scoreless draw, THEN go to P.K.'s. Perfect compromise.

    1. While I would personally prefer that to what we have now, we must keep in mind why Golden Goal was rejected to begin with. During the brief time it was used in the World Cup, both teams took a defensive stance for fear of being scored on. Essentially, every match that went into Extra Time ended up being 30 minutes of both sides staying on their half of the field, afraid to do anything, and waiting for the shootout. If we are to truly use Golden Goal, we can not use the shootout as well. We must remove the shootout so the players realize that the game won't end unless they score. Otherwise, they'll play too conservatively and wait for what comes after Extra Time. We must use infinite Extra Time, or find another incentive for them to actually attempt to score during Golden Goal.

    2. this is how I originally thought things should be-then I see how tired the players get and I feel I can b swayed to think otherwise.

    3. That could easily be remedied by changing the substitution rules, albeit if and only if we go into Extra Time. You could simply add extra substitutions for Extra Time, or even unlimited substitutions during the breaks between Extra Time periods. No matter what, infinite Extra Time would require more substitutions to prevent exhaustion.

    4. And, when you put it like that, I agree. Right, if we change substituting rules, then playing for the golden goal is fine. Allowing for unlimited subs during changeovers is not a big deal-agreed.