Thursday, June 14, 2012

Should Jerry Sandusky Still Be Called 'Coach'?

During serial child molester Jerry Sandusky's trial, former Penn St. quarterback and current asst. coach Mike McQueary was called to testify on what he saw the day he witnessed Sandusky molesting a boy in the Penn State locker room showers. 

In referencing Sandusky, McQueary used the direct term 'Coach Sandusky.'

"I see in the mirror Coach Sandusky standing behind boy propped up against the shower, with the showers running, right up against his back with his front, the boy's hands up against the wall," he said. "When I saw them with my own eyes, there was not hard or fast movement. There was subtle movement on defendant's part (in his) mid section."

The quote is here in this article-eight paragraphs down.

He didn't have to use the word 'coach', but chose to do so.  In the rest of his testimony, he referenced Sandusky as 'Jerry' and the 'defendant.'

Unfortunately, because he did call him 'coach' the one time, McQueary defiled coaches everywhere in the country.

Jerry Sandusky lost the privilege of being called 'coach' a long time ago.

It is common knowledge that people while in coaching positions have done horrible things to children throughout all the states of the U.S.  There are dozens of cases that have been documented over the years.

The media has done a very good job of reporting the crimes and bringing the sensitive relationship of coaches to the forefront.

Once it has been shown that a person used their position as 'coach' to harm others, they must not be referred to as 'coach' any time thereafter.

Those coaches around the country who have earned and kept their reputation in their communities deserve better.  Coaches don't have to be revered, but they shouldn't have to be classified in a similar manner with child molesters.

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