Friday, June 22, 2012

Video: Rare Comeback Triggered by Landon Donovan

With much of the Soccer world focused on Euro Cup and the sports world in general still focused on the NBA Finals, one MLS game this past week providing unusual intrigue.

A team went down by two goals and came back to win.  Sure, it's happened before, but it doesn't happen often.

This comeback was even more special because an MLS legend was the primary reason for the victory.

With Landon Donovan leading the charge, the Galaxy pulled off a visiting team type miracle, surging back from two goals down to win 3-2 against Real Salt Lake at sold-out Rio Tinto Stadium.

Donovan scored twice and assisted on the other goal.  He was involved in all three goals, making this an unforgettable win for him in his career.

For the home team in Utah, it was the ultimate nightmare.  It was a huge disappointment and letdown for the hometown fans.

But, it's awesome for sports fans.  More comebacks of this sort are needed in the sport.

Soccer can sell itself better with American fans when it is seen more often in game action as unpredictable.  There are too many sports fans out there who believe a match is basically over when a team goes up by two goals.

Research is still ongoing to find out if an MLS team has ever gone three goals down and fought back to win outright.  There have been some ties from three goals down.

Ironically, only four weeks ago, the same scoring scenario and comeback happened in reverse against the Galaxy.  San Jose fell down 2-0 and then mounted their comeback, scoring in extra time to win 3-2. It should be noted that San Jose was playing 11 on 10 players as one Galaxy player was red-carded.

In the Donovan-led victory this past week, there were no red cards.

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