Monday, July 16, 2012

4 American Athletes that Resemble Mario Balotelli

He's listed as 6'2", weighing 180 pounds.  He looks like a pure athlete, like he could have played American football or NBA basketball.  But, Mario Balotelli is a forward in Soccer, a goal-scorer, a striker.

He's coming off excellent performances in Euro Cup 2012 that raised his profile worldwide.  So, why not compare and contrast him with some other famous American athletes to see how he fits among them.

Balotelli shows that the best American athletes need not gravitate only to football and basketball.  They can make it in Soccer, too.

When comparing, it is also important to note his off-field distractions.  He has become difficult in some circumstances to count on.  He is mercurial with a big ego.  He wants things his way.

His reputation is like his haircut, unique.

Also, it looks like he is setting up to have a few baby's momma's.

After the championship match Sunday, it was talked about that he didn't shake hands with Spain.

This guy is everything controversial in American pro sports.

So, why not start it off with the greatest athletic specimen of recent times in American sports.  The first American athlete that comes to mind with the skills like Mario and other similar characteristics would have to be Terrell Owens.  Balotelli could suit up to sprint the sidelines and his end zone dances would be more than satisfactory.

Chad Ochocinco Johnson is probably just as good of a football player example (he's skinnier than TO, too).

Number three has to be a baller.  Stephon Marbury was in Balotelli's spot some time ago and is now playing Chinese ball.  Both are world travelers.  It would be great seeing Balotelli going for a dunk.

A fourth athlete with amazing G-d given talent and driven to excel is Torii Hunter.  Center field would be a fun sight to see for Balotelli, roaming the area and making the occasional dive.  He'd be fun to see at the plate taking hacks and running the base paths, too.

Here's Mario in a funny Nike commercial.


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  3. amazingly racist

  4. what about the Nike commercial, is that racist? I thought about putting a different ethnic athlete into the article, but none came to mind that has the athletic prowess that these guys have. I call it like I see it.