Sunday, July 22, 2012

Battle of LA, Superclasico Video Highlights: Beckham, Donovan and Keane Making Statistics Trendy for MLS

One of Soccer's toughest challenges in becoming more mainstream and surpassing other spectator sports in popularity is breaking through on the statistics front.

Americans are so wrapped up in stats that often they seem more important than the games themselves.  Certainly, stats have helped to propel sports in culture and society.

Statistics shout out to the American sports fans.  They are symbolic of something bigger.  They create nostalgia and provide a basis for future generations in the sport to live up to.  

The media determines through fan participation which stats are most impacting and creates a swirl around them.

MLS seems to have finally started to generate meaningful sports statistics.  These stats have risen in profile because of the awesome synchronicity between LA Galaxy planets, Landon Donovan, Robbie Keane and David Beckham.  When the Galaxy play well together, especially this season, it is noticeable.  They generate offense and the numbers are starting to add up.  Against the 'other' LA team, Chivas USA, in the Superclasico, Keane had one goal and one assist, Beckham had two assists and Donovan had two goals.

Together, the 'Designated Ones' are racking up an awesome combination of goals and assists.  The trio has a total of 24 goals and 21 assists this season.  They are at the top of the statistical charts compared to any other threesome of another MLS team.  Also, Donovan is only 10 goals from becoming the all-time leading goal scorer in MLS history.  He has 124 goals presently.  The record is 134.  

The MLS website is thorough and is the best spot to see all the combinations of stats.  Under the goals statistics page alone, there are numbers for shots, shots on goal, how often goals are scored compared to percentage of time played and many others.  A telling stat is number of game winning goals.  All the statistics on the MLS website are broken down by season and by all-time.  

There is more movement towards knowing stats in Soccer and it is partly due to the high level of play from the Galaxy's best players.  Beckham's specialty is assists and set pieces, Donovan and Keane score more often, but make awesome assists, as well.  It's not just good enough anymore to know if the Galaxy won or not, fans are wanting to know how many goals and assists were made by the planetary players. For another interesting read about MLS and stats, see 'What is Soccer's Equivalent to Baseball's Hitting Streak?'

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