Thursday, July 5, 2012

FIFA Blocks American Political Advertising; Top 5 Nicknames for a Mitt Romney Soccer Team

There were so many directions to go with this story when it first broke a couple of days ago.  But, since it was first reported, it's turned even more political and more controversial.

Originally, many looked at the use of presidential politics on sports uniforms as amusing or satirical, like a Wag the Dog type of funny.

A fourth-tier semi-pro Soccer team running around in 'Vote for Mitt' unis has its irony.  Why did it have to be a fourth level team in the fifth most popular U.S. sport, couldn't they have found at least a AA minor league baseball team to go for it?

Though it may piss people off to mix politics with sports, the two have always seemed intertwined in some measure, whether it was Jesse Owens giving the business to Hitler at the Summer Olympics of 1936 or U.S. Presidents giving interviews to broadcast on the day of the Super Bowl.

Another big irony was that the news of promoting Romney brought the team the most publicity that it has ever had.  It was a huge marketing ploy and event for the team.

The team had balls to go forward on this paid promotion in Democratic leaning New York.  Owners didn't care, it's their team, they'll do how they please with their team's uniform sponsors.

But, it wasn't meant to be, not in American soccer.  There was an even bigger irony around this Soccer corner.

FIFA says no.  They don't allow religious, political or personal statements to be any part of uniforms.

It's plenty fine to do political advertising in other American sports, as proven many times over in NASCAR.  In American Soccer though, what says FIFA is what goes.

One other thought on this story was in regards to the best nicknames to match the slogan.

They are FC New York, supporting Mitt Romney's run for the White House, what should come next?

FC New York Billionaires
FC New York Upplerclassmen
FC New York Punishers (a take off the bullying episode)
FC New York Gamblers (remember the $10,000 bet with Rick Perry in a debate)
FC New York Bosses (he likes to fire people and it's a nod to a couple of other popular New Yorkers who fire(d) people-George Steinbrenner and Donald Trump)


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  2. I am glad that FIFA blocked it. I think that sports should be neutral because you are only playing and you left behind everything else.